3-Point Stance // Episode 001 | Memphis-Temple Controversy, Simone Biles, Kim Kardashian’s Dress

October 14, 2019 |

Grind City Media’s new segment 3-Point Stance is a Skype-styled conversation between 2 friends, with 2 perspectives, on 3 topics from the weekend centered on sports, entertainment and pop-culture presented by MTN Dew.

In the pilot episode of 3-Point Stance, Jon Roser and Meghan Triplett discuss:
1) 0:00 The controversial catch/no-catch call that determined the Memphis-Temple football game.
2) 2:54 Simone Biles became the most decorated gymnast in world history this weekend. Is she the Greatest-Of-All-Time?
3) 6:14 Kim Kardashian admits she cannot remover her Met Gala dress to pee, so she’s okay with peeing her pants?

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