Dwyane Wade’s Christmas Proposal, 76ers to Conference Finals, LeBron James | 3-Point Stance – Ep 10

December 26, 2019 | ,

Grind City Media’s 3-Point Stance segment is a Skype-styled conversation between 2 friends, with 2 perspectives, on 3 topics from the weekend centered on sports, entertainment and pop-culture presented by MTN Dew. In episode ten of 3-Point Stance, Jon Roser and Meghan Triplett discuss:

1) 0:29 Dwyane Wade proposed that Christmas Day games should be earned by teams rather than scheduled citing to this year’s under-performing Warriors and Pelicans. Is this a valid proposal or what additional factors would need to be considered?

2) 5:35 Will we see Bucks/Sixers in the Eastern Conference Finals?

3) 8:22 LeBron James re-aggravated a groin injury in the first quarter against the Clippers on Christmas Day. Was his decision to play through injury a mistake?

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