Favorite Super Bowl LIV Moments, Shakira & J-Lo Performance, Commercials | 3-Point Stance – Ep 15

February 3, 2020 | ,

From the game, to the halftime show to the commercials, Devin Walker and Meghan Triplett discuss their favorite moments from last night’s Super Bowl LIV in episode fifteen of 3-Point Stance:

1) 0:07 Chiefs beat the 49ers to win the Super Bowl 54. What were your favorite moments of the game that stood out to you and how does it compare to last year’s Super Bowl?

2) 5:12 Shakira joined forces with J-Lo to put on a Super Bowl Halftime Show for the ages; causing Twitter to blow up with memes and reactions in the process. What were your thoughts on the performance?

3) 8:28 Coming with a cool $5.2 million dollar price tag, a 30-second national TV spot during the Super Bowl is a premier way to capture the attention of millions of viewers at one time. Which commercials were your favorite throughout the night?

Grind City Media’s 3-Point Stance segment is a Skype-styled conversation between 2 friends, with 2 perspectives, on 3 topics from the weekend centered on sports, entertainment and pop-culture presented by MTN Dew.

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