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MikeCheck: Morant ramps up workload in return to practice, but will miss fourth straight game as Grizzlies face Jazz

Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins confirmed after the team’s workout in Utah on Friday that Morant has made steady progress in his recovery. But Jenkins said the team’s medical staff wants to continue to see how Morant’s body responds to the increased practice workloads before determining how much closer he is to returning to game action.

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MikeCheck: As Grizzlies debut ‘throwback’ digs, Clarke bridges franchise’s stylish Vancouver roots to bright Memphis future

At the time, Brandon Clarke was two years old. The rest of the details are a bit sketchy. Clarke doesn’t remember the exact game, opponent or result. He simply believes he was in the original arena, because his family once told him so. Born on Sept. 19, 1996 in Vancouver, Clarke is the lone current member of the Grizzlies’ roster with a direct link to the team’s past in the Pacific Northwest.

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MikeCheck: Morant ‘came to prove myself’ as No. 2 pick, Grizzlies look to regroup for home opener

MIAMI – Murray State coach Matt McMahon remembers that feeling. Wanting to treat his young son to a Grizzlies game last season, McMahon made the three-hour drive to Memphis for a late March matchup against the Golden State Warriors. It was at that game when McMahon met a few Grizzlies staffers who knew he was coaching the brightest point guard prospect in college at the time, a star destined to be a high lottery pick. It was on that spring trip to FedExForum when McMahon insists that feeling hit him.

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